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All experimental results obtained by partners in this project for which none of the partners can claim any feasible commercialization or patenting interest will be made public and will be disseminated to the fullest extent using all available means. Unrestricted results will be submitted to national and international scientific and trade journals for publication. Furthermore, results will be disseminated through international and national scientific conferences and meetings on food safety and technology, international and national seminars and training workshops for meat processors, retailers, inspectors and other authorities, consumer organizations and other interested parties. Means of dissemination provided by the Commission will also be fully exploited.

Data and models for the risk assessment of meat products together with other current information related to this topic (i.e validated mathematical models for pathogen growth, data for pathogen prevalence and concentration, distribution temperature profiles, dose response data, inactivation models and consumption patterns) will be collected and included in this Internet site. Thus a Meat Microbial Risk Assessment Site will disseminate information from the project to all interested parties. These include the scientific community, meat industry, regulators, inspection authorities but will also target non-specialist laboratories, SME’s and consumers.

Interaction with other relevant projects will be used also as means of dissemination.

Two leaflets will be prepared with information on the project. These publication should be formulated in laymans language easily readable by non-specialists. Copies will be sent to the Commission and to each partner for display.

The first leaflet will be describing the objectives and methodology of the project. A thousand copies of each leaflet will be produced of which 200 will be submitted to the Commission and the rest will be distributed by the partners.

A comprehensive leaflet will be prepared at the end of the project. All the practical information created in the project will be disseminated to the meat industry and retailers in simple words and diagrams.

A general Project Web-site with project information and results will be established month 3 and updated every 3 months.

EC FIFTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME - Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources - Project QLK1-2002-02545